Specialty Items

Here's a peek at some of the products you're more likely to find locked within a glass case than on the shelves of my store!


Toyballis out first product. This device turns the reciever into an inflated sex toy. The ball is soft and when pressed against the base of the spine will bond to the body. Using magic, the ball engulfs the body and turns it into a toonish love toy version of the person. Left in a begging pose the toy is self cleaning and keeps the air pressure constant. The Toy comesi n Pink[female], Blue[male], and Purple[hermaphrodite]. Examples [A] [B]

12 PAK Happy Sacks

The Happy Sack is a living full body living latex sack. Once activated it will dress itself over the body of the nearest person. The Sack witll force the legs together and the hands to the appropriate areas for self pleasuring. The face of the sack will try to make you smile. You know that the Sack is working when the wearer has a perfect happy grin. The box holds 12 Happy Sacks and is recyclable. Examples [A] [B]

Single use Instant Duffle

Instant Duffle is part of the outdoorsmans living objects series of catylists. One pouch of Instant Duffle is good for turning one person into a 24", 36" or 48" living duffle bag. Just tear along the dotted line and shake the powder onto the future travel accessory. In a matter of minutes they fold up and fill out into a water resistant, rip proof, UV protected and conscious living duffle bag.

Plush Collar

For those that enjoy being a soft downey plush or having a friend to snuggle we have the Plush Collar. This is a simple device with a foil painted medalion and startched red ribbon. Once slipped on the body will start to turn into a stuffed animal consistancy. Polyfill inside and soft microfiber faux fur outside. Eyes become plastic discs and the mouth into a soft smile. Easy to apply and remove. deactivates if more than 8 hours go by without hugs.

Coming Soon

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