Personal Links

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Name Description
Sebastian Sketches Group

Adults-only Yahoo! Group.

Livestream (Bastiandraft)

Every Wednesday of the month @ ~7PM Central Time.

Bastian Fan Works

New forum and gallery for fan-colorings and discussion.

Sebastian's Works Wiki

A wiki with a lot of info on Sebastian's creations and world.

Mad Puffin DeviantArt

Sebastian [The Puffin]'s, DeviantArt page. All clean work with a little cheesecake.

Fellow Artists

Name Description
Sue-chans Hangout

Adorable Art

Polecat's Church of Fashion and Creativity

Polecat's personal homepage

The premier website dedicated to female furries in bondage and erotic peril.

Bob Hersy Gallery

Bob Hershy's Gallery and info on his collected works CDs.

Seasoned bondage web artist

Related Sites

Name Description
Gojiro7 Deviant Art Gallery

Fan colorist with a large log of hand colorings.

Furry Inflation Page!

Naga's Den

I love her ssstyle (hehe...)

Grelling Art

Contributors personal site

Carrot Rukia

Great new Transformation site


One of the oldest, most active furry groups on Yahoo.

Suichi Tanaka's Yahoo Group

B & B's Fetish Group

Full range physical and mental TF group

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