Recent Acquisitions (Update History)

A few color pics in this update. Also have a few original fanart pieces added as well. Changed my Livestream service from Livestream to Picarto. Check out the front page for the link to my channel.
We are coming back! Life has started to come together. Time management is something I am learning and here we are. First update in years. There is a lot to do to get everything updated and that will come in time. For now, I have just a couple of Gallery art to show you. We have some Color and some Inks to start off. Please enjoy.
A short update with a hand full of color pieces. I try to get at least 6 pieces done quickly and try to get an update as soon as I can. Would be nice to get at least one update a month. Here's hoping.
After a long time and some time management I finally have a site update. Its not much. Only 6 color pics but I think I will be able to get back to updating regularly.
Back after a long time. Since the last time I had an update I had a kidney stone removal and that left me with a lot of bills. That is what the Donation Gallery is for. I have taken on several commissions and opened the donation gallery. All moneys collected go towards bills and also unlock more and more sketches in the Donation Gallery. In the update we have a hand full of color pics in our original, furry and fanart sections. Please to enjoy.
First update of the year. A modest one but more is to come. Getting to use some different programs to ink faster. Schedule has gotten tighter with more responsibilities at work but I will try to manage my time to get some of my ideas out. In the Gallery I have added the 2012 gallery and cleared the Recent Update to start off the new year.
Been busy with work and its kept me away form my drawing table. I am starting to get back to drawing again and the consolidation of my sketch files is almost finished. For now I have a couple of color pieces and for ink drawings. I am going to try and add my livestream to my website and start stream lining a few sections. More to come.
Made an addition to the Galleries. The Ink Gallery has been split up into several archive galleries. They are separated by year and I still have some tweaking to do to them. The color Gallery stays the same and I still have the Recent update gallery.
Added a few new pics and you can now find all the new additions under a new Gallery Icon. All the art from 2010 - 2011 are in this new quick use gallery. I am working on a lot of archiving of the previous years and planning some updated graphics. Should see some subtle changes here and there.
Added 6 pics to the Fanart Inks. Couple in EVA, Titans, one in GD and one in Misc. Added a Color Furry pic in the Color Galleries. New Profile pic for Sebasdtian. Also two Variants on a Kitty girl turned into a begging toy in the Guest Gallery.
Just a few inks added this time around.
Modest update for hte begining of the year. 7 inks including the inks of a couple of the previously posted color versions. Also three color pieces as well. A lot of the stuff has been and will be GD in theme because I have so much of it right now. Other themes to start showing upthrough the year. Added links to examples of Sebastian products in use. And finally added a new story to the Stories Page.
Small update in the Ink Gallery. Have two new in the Originals Section, One each in GD, Sailormoon, Thundercats, and Titans. In the Color Galleries I have two GD pics added.
Making some changes this time. The Clean gallery icons are now gone with just a link to my DeviantArt page. The Fan Color Icon is gone too with a link to the Bastian Fanworks. Added 5 new inkings and 3 new colors of my own. Trying to consolidate some of my links but that will take some more time to go through. Currently I am working on making the galleries a little easier to go through but I ay not get that finished until the endo f the year. A donation link has been add to the front page and the gallery main page to my paypal (user name is The schedule of the Livestreams has changed. I have removed the Saturday broadcast and now have wednesday broadcast through the whole month.
Have several items added to this update. Several inked pictures and a few colors as well. Added a new option to commissions along with a sample art. We now have Color commissions for $30.00, Halftone commissions for $15.00 and Lineart commissions for $7.00. Currently though I am not taking anything new but will be updateing the avalibility. I also now have a couple of Decals that I will be selling as well. Check them out on the commissions page. Also adding a kind of "Tip Jar" where donations can be made. Its a paypal account that I have, you can send donations to It is much appreciated and will be used toward advancing art and creativity.
Fixed a few code problems and some typos in a few pages. Added a new link to Bastian Fanworks. This is a new place for forum and for fan colorists to post thier colorings at thier leasure. Added several pics to my inks gallery in the GD and Original Galleries. Also added a few color variants into my Color Gallery. Added reminder that at the end if July I am taking the Fan colorings off the site and they have already been moved to the Bastian Fanworks where they will be housed for now on.
Added a few pieces to the inks and to the color. New link to my Livestream added and the clean galleries taken down. They are relocated to the DA page which there is a redirecdt link that you can follow. There are going to be a few changes to make navigation a little easier over the next couple of months.
A few inks added to the Adult Gallery along with a hand full of colors by me for once. I know that I have some Fan colors but I have once again become totally disorginized with them and will add them in a future update as oon as I get everything together. Most of the clean art work has been transfered over to my Deviant Art Account. This means that the clean art will be coming down soon. Bu the end of April the clean art will be gone. I am not sure what I am going to do with the fan colorings from the clean art but I have a month to figure that part out.
Almost one month since the last update. A lot of personal stuff has happened including me being laidoff. I am without a job right now and huntingfor one during the day. At night I am drawing and being generally creative. As for the site, The Clean Art is being moved to my DA Account along with some of my other projects. By the Summer all the clean art will be on DA and be removed from here. For the updates this time around, we have a few inks in Original, GD, Titans and Various Adult. We also have some Fan colorings and one Guest art added as well.
First update of the new year. This time around I have 10 new images in the Adult Gallery. I also have a couple of new links including zombie theme shirst for sale and a new wiki on Sebastian's Creations.
Finally the time to finish the update. Just a few inking this time. Hope to get things more regular soon. Thank you
Micro Update with fan colors from Redflare500 and Pop Fusion. New Guest art from Redflare 500, with a couple of Sebastian colors. And three inks in Adult under Original, GD and Various. One various in Clean Gallery.
Very Small update, but I wanted to get something up. Plus, there is a new commissions email on the contact page and commissions page.
Finally had a whole day to myself and got the update done. I know that I did not get all the colors but I will be working on that, but there are some older pieces posted and some new colors as well.
Went through some personal and financial problems for a couple of months, but I am hoping that this is a return to a more regular update. A few in the Adult and Clean galleries. Thank you.
Small update. With one fan color and a few inkings. Hopefully some new colors coming later this month and some finished commission.
It's a small update with new inks. Moved all fan coloring to its own gallery and freed up the regular color gallery for my own color pics. Which I did add some in there. There has been some clean up here and there, editing of text and such. There is more of this reorginization coming but that is all for now.
Update delays due to Hurricane Ike. There was some power loss but now I have a small update while I get things cleaned up and organized.
Not as far behind as I thought this update was going to be but it is smaller. All adult gallery additions and four new stories.
An update of 19 new inks, 26 fan-colorings, one new story, and four guest art. The site revamp is still in progress while I try to figure out the best way to do it...
It's a small update this time. 20 images added to the adult gallery and right now I am trying to work on some revamps for the site. Basically there are going to be some moves of items in the galleries to make it easier to navigate. It will be slow so please be patient.
Well, we are in a new year and I finally got to do my update. This one just has my inks updated, and the fan colors and my own colors will be added late. Probably with the next set of ink updates. There are going to be some remodeling as far as organization goes. And tests on adding some extra content. This is going to be going on through the year as I have many projects to get to.
It's been a busy time. Got a new job, and started doing some more commissions and craft art on the side for a little extra money. The update is a little smaller this time but should be good. Also, commissions are open and original sketches are avalible of most art in the inked sections. A copy of the inked version is also given with an order of the original sketch.
This update came a little sooner than the last and there a a lot of inkings in the adult section. The clean sction was a little light this time around. And I have a few new guest colors and some new guest art.
A new update. There are fewer old sketches to still be inked so you will start seeing more new pictures not before seen, or seen in the group. We have several inks, and several fan colors. There are also some new guest arts and a new story.
Well, the end of the mess at work is finally over and that give me enough time until october. For now I finally have time for some regular updates and even some commissions. As far as the commissions are concerned I can pull off inks a lot faster than doing any color. And I can now send a hi-res digital copy if that is a better option.
Another late update but I think that I will have everything under control for the next one. If everything goes as planned, I should have it for the first of April. This update is very big. Lots of fan colors, and a lot of inks. Enjoy!
A very late update but it is here. In the Adult section there are 29 new pieces, 12 new ones in Clean, 4 new fan colors, and the winner of the coloring poll that I colored are up. And one fan ink as well.
A long time off for this update. Appologies for the delays. The holiday season has proven to be very very busy for me and has taken me away from my art. But we do have a few new pieces in my inked galleries and some nice colorings from fans. There is alwo one from monocrome in the guest art section.
It took two extra days but the color portion of the update is now done. The Winning color from the poll is finished and several fan colorings have been added to the clean and adult color galleries.
A Long time coming, this update comes after, a move into my new house, a long awaited vacation, and some rather complicated times at work. We have a lot of new inkings in this update. 9 Clean inkings and 34 new inks in adult. For those that frequent my group know about the coloring poll. The winning image to be colored by me is "Titan Blank". The coloring will be delayed a day or so due to long days at work. But when it is ready a desktop version of the coloring will be avalible as a gift to those that send a donation of any size.
This is a break through update. A big thanks goes to Vikki who made this site makeover for me. I think it is a great change and I hope that everyone will enjoy this new look as much as I do. There are a few new works in the Clean and Adult ink works and a lot of adult color added by fan colorist. Thank you and please explore the new look.
Large update. 18 new in the Clean Galleries. 39 new in adult Galleries. And one Short story added as well. Thank you to all the colorists and their efforts.
Big update this time around, 11 in clean and 12 in adult. There are a few new colors from fans but they are not going up yet because I am trying to get some names and identify the files.
5 in Adult and 4 in clean, 8 new fan colors in the adult gallery 2 in clean.
5 New in Adult and 5 New in clean. And 6 fan colors.
Regular update, 5 in Adult and 5 in clean. Also have 3 fan color in adult and 1 fan color in clean gallery. Added a new work in the Guest Gallery as well a couple new links. The Guest Stories have been moved under the Adult gallery heading for easier access.
Regular update. 6 in the Adult section, 5 in the Clean. Have 16 new fan colors and a few new Guest art. Also Added a new story. The two new ports are in the works and the first one should be ready very late in the spring or the beginning of the Summer.
A Regular update, have some inks added in the clean and adult sections. there are some nice colorings but fans added and a few interpretations of my work in the Guest section. The Portfolio Sale is over and portfolios 1 and 2 are now off the market. And the price of 3 and 4 have dropped a little. The new ports will be on their way later this year.
A small update. Been busy in the last month but got this one out. Five in the Adult and Five in the Clean. Still have one month left before the Erica and Ponygirl Portfolios are no longer available. Get them while you can.
A Christmas Update for those that are at home and need a distraction. We have some new pics in the Guest Gallery, and quite a few in the color Gallery including a couple of colors by me. There are 9 new Adult pics and 7 new clean pics. The portfolios are still on sale and I have taken YowCow off my site. Due to poor service and slow support I have stopped using their services. I am sorry for the inconvenience but now I am only accepting money orders, personal checks and western union. Paypal might return, mroe details later. Also, two contributing artist names have been changed. Stormwolf-IU is now Wolfrose and Voravac is now Kazaana.
Holiday update. Clearing out some of my sketches in my book so we have a slightly larger update. We have 7 clean pictures and 11 adult.
Special update this time. We do have the 5 and 5 in my inked galleries and a few in the Adult Color gallery With a new guest original in the Guest Gallery. But I am making a special announcement as well. I am discontinuing the Erica and Ponygirl Portfolios!! That is right, they will be taken off the market but do not worry, there will be new portfolios to replace them. And to celebrate this event I am putting all ports on sale. Erica, Ponygirls, and Rubber Moon are all 5 dollars and the Kitty port is 10 dollars. The sale will start now and last until the end of February. More information is available on my Sales/Commissions page.
Alright I have the usual 5 and 5 in my galleries and in the color gallery there are 23 fan colors in the adult section and 3 in the clean section. If there is any mistake in giving credit please let me know.
The hurricane missed our location and left me mostly bored the few days that I was home bound. Although I did manage to get some pictures inked for a new update.
With Hurricane Rita on its way I have time to ink the pictures for my update. Got some new ones in the Adult section and some inks of older clean pics. I should have another update in two weeks. Thank you.
Its been longer that I wanted between updates but I had moved into an apartment and things kind of got delayed. But, here is new update. Some old and new inked images. I am trying to format the images big enough to color by if so wished. And if all things work out I will have images of my new vacu-former to show.
A new set of inks for Adult and Clean galleries. I have also reestablished my yahoo group. Its a slow start but I will have more content available as the weeks go by.
Been a little over a month but I finally got the update done. Had some delays due to change in schedule at work, plus I went on vacation to Chicago for the G-fest (Godzilla Convention). Made a costume that can be found in the "Other" gallery. Now that I am back and getting commissions taken care of I should be getting my updates around every other week. This time around, I have 5 and 5 again. Plus a couple pics of the finished costume that I did for the Con. A page of the Stories behind the pictures will be up next update in leu of the former database from my defunked yahoo group.
I have 5/5 in my galleries with a bonus of two fan Adult Inks, and 4 Adult Colors. There is also a long awaited update to the sculpture in the Other Gallery, with a bonus on my current costume design.
Again 5/5 in the clean and adult galleries. I would also like to thank everyone who participated in my Yahoo group Bastian Collection and Bastian Realm. Through Yahoo's decision, the Collection was deleted and I am sure that the Realm will be deleted soon as well. I am trying to find a new reasonable alternative for the future. For now, I will still have my site. Thank you all again and please enjoy this and future updates.
Five and Five added to the Clean and Adult Galleries. Small update this time. Enjoy.
Added about 5 images to the clean gallery, 10 to the adult, and 24 to the colored sections. Changed up the Guest gallery moving some fan colors to the color galleries and having the Guest gallery for original art and planning to take out some of the sketches in the Sketch sections that have been inked. Now have YowCow link on my Commissions page for paying online or wishing to donate.
Added a few new pieces in the adult ink section and the same in the clean inked section. Enjoy.
Another update. This one is about the same size as the previous but more new images verses the inked ones. I have added some inks and fan color to the adult galleries, some sketches and fan color to the clean galleries. I have added two stories that have been sent to me and added Branzent to the guest gallery with his wonderful Erica pictures.
Update at the beginning of this month this time. I have about 10 new inks, Only two in the Clean folder and the rest in the Adult. Have about 20 new fan colors. NOTE If you have sent me a picture and you have not seen it up on my site and would like to see it posted please send me an email. The same goes for stories, I am trying to get all the stories back up and if I missed adding yours at any time let me know.
New year and a late update. All new pictures are in the Inked sections. One in the Clean and 35 in the Adult.
Last update for the year. But unlike previous years I will be taking down nothing. Everything is staying up and in this update I have loaded almost 70 inked drawings. I have also loaded a new page in the Other Gallery. It is detailing the work so far on my sculpture project.
15 pics added total to clean and adult galleries. Yowcow is now up and running. Portfolio purchase is now available through standard mail and now online purchase. I will also have my yowcow account setup for donations as well. Many fan colorings have been added. And the stories have been restored under the "Other Gallery". Commissions will be available again but there are very few slots.
A few pics added in both clean and adult galleries. A new portfolio has also been added in the merchandise section. Yowcow is my new online pay system but is not ready for this update, if you wish to take a look at it go to I should have it up before the end of the month. I have one other thing available. I am inking may of my drawings, I will be posting them soon but I want to make prints available. Please send me your votes for the pics you want to see in color and the winning pics will be inked colored and available as prints. Please send your votes to . This e-mail is set up for the voting only.
All updates are in the adult section including some new ones for Eva and TF pics of online characters.
Art added to the clean and adult galleries and fan art in the color galleries. The portfolio sale is still up and I am hoping that you all will take advantage of it. Remember that the sale is fund my sculpture project to take a drawing of mine and turn it into a full size sculpture.
I have a Portfolio Sale. Check it out on my Merchandise page.
Here is the all GD Adult update. I have a hand full of EVA and other sketches butI will post those later. Enjoy.
We have a hand full of new pieces in the Adult and Clean Sketches. The Galleries are getting a little big so I might change the format to accommodate the size. Also I plan on doing some inks of the pieces soon as well as to use that section of my Galleries :P Also, you may notice that the Paypal option is now gone from my site. I can no longer use their services because of the Adult content policies in place. I am looking into a different system for future web payments.
Bigger update. Have about 12 images per clean and adult sketch gallery. There are a few new fan colors in clean and adult. For those that are of legal age to view the adult galleries there are some clown transformations. They are clearly labeled as "clown" for those that find clowns disturbing. There are other transformations and the like. In the clean gallery there are a lot of new pieces that I am very proud of.
Small update this time. The next few will be small due to work and personal projects to be revealed later. We have 4 new images in the Clean Gallery and 8 new images in the Adult Gallery. Again, my email has changed and it is reflected in the "Email" links. Also, commissions are still not available but portfolios are. The portfolios can be found in the Merchandise section from the home page.
Here is the rest of the Adult gallery update. The pictures were found and have now been added. I have a new email address as well and it should be reflected in the "Email" link.
Well, its a small update but it includes some of my strangest works. There is a pic in the clean furry sketches, one in the clean furry color and a slew of pics in my adult anime sketches.
A new year and some new designs. I have added many new pics to the Adult Gallery and a good amount of original characters to my Clean Anime Gallery too. There are some more tweaking that I need to do but right now the major addition to my site is the new addition of the Rubber Moon portfolio. Available in my Merchandise section you can order it and my other two portfolios.
Here we are at another big update. I want to thank and congratulate those that have contributed not only Guest art but also Guest Coloring. I have tried to get all of the guest colorings in my Color Gallery. Thank you all. In this update I have added 12 new pictures in the Clean Gallery, 10 new works in the Adult Gallery, 13 in the Color Gallery Adult and 1 in the Clean Color Gallery. I appreciate coloring of my clean art. Lets me know that there is someone out there that appreciates the work I put into it. There are 8 new Guest art pieces that are great. And I have added two new links One to a new contributor, Wardog, and the other is to my Yahoo Group that houses my old work that was taken from this site to make more room. Enjoy.
I think this is the biggest update I have made ever. There should be 60 new pieces in this update. Many new designs and some art from last year that I am now just getting to post. I have taken out the Ericawear link because I got rid of my Cafepress account. But I will figure out a way to have some Ericawear back.
I have added three pics in the adult color section. I did not color them but are fan colored. I know I have more colored and sketches from fans but can not find them right now. if you have sent me something this year please send again and I will add them. I have also added a collage of test sketches for the pic titled "Sacked" in the Adult Sketches
It's been a while since my last update but I just needed a vacation and time to relax. So I went to A-Kon and had a good time. In this update I have 14 new pictures. Its about half and half, some in the Clean and some in the Adult galleries. Enjoy!
Almost two months, but that is because of all the work on the Hardsuit and my job. But I have finally gotten a few things together for this update. I have added four ne pics in the Clean Sketches and 4 in the Adult Sketches and 1 in the Adult Inked. I have removed the paypal donation because of many reasons, you can read about some of them on the Hardsuit Project page.
Another small update. I have added 5 new to Clean sketches, 3 new to Adult Inked and 2 new to Adult inked. I have also added a Paypal Donation to my front page. I have found it necessary because of the expense of the Hardsuits Project. But will be taken down when I reach my goal or before the end of May. Also I will be doing B/W commissions for $7.00 flat. Take a look at the Commissions page for more details.
A minor update that needed to be done. I have added some more pics and info on the Hardsuit page in the Projects Gallery. The production of the armor itself is just around the corner. I have also added several pics to my Clean and Adult Galleries.
Alright, here is the official update for my page. All new look and all new art for this new year. For those of you still wondering what happened to the old art and why it was taken off here is the explanation. First, all the art up to the end of last year are gone from my site, some of it will still be hosted at Little Purple Dragon's Archive. Right now all he has is some of my Gold Digger clean and adult art. I am hoping that I can get some more added soon as well. In the future I plan on making a CD of all my old work available. And as soon as I can get to it I will be making the "Classics" Rotating Gallery that will showcase my old work and will be home to the best of the best. All of this is still in the works and will be showing up during the next few months.
Another reason that all the art was moved was that I was eating up a great deal of bandwidth, so much so that I was shut down for a few days. I really don't want to make this a pay site but if I can not keep the bandwidth under control I might have to, and that is something that I do not want to do. So I am doing everything I can to keep the costs down for me and to keep everything accessible to the viewers.
And finally, as the artist I have the right to remove any work that I feel is not representative of my current stage of refinement. I know that some of you have followed my work for several years now and you have seen the stages of refinement that I have gone through. The art that I am working on now os some of my best designs and concepts, others are refinements of some old ideas. So I want to have enough room for all this now work. I can tell you right now that I have somewhere in the 300s of pictures that I am finishing, inking and coloring. So there is more than enough work for you all to see this year.
Now, onto the update, I have fixed some typos on a few pages and added a couple of links on my Links page. Also for those of you interesting the Message board is still present, the link to it can be found on my Links page. And for the Shop section with all the stories and info on the characters, it is still were it is If you want to access it go here Shop. None of it has been updated since it is going to be revised in the future.
More art will be added before the end of this month.

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